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Elisabeth will be singing at Urban Stages in the charity benefit concert, The Best of the Harvard-Yale Cantata. Thursday, Dec. 13, 9 pm!

Check out Elisabeth’s new comedy demo! And in a song parody mash-up video, she sings, inline skates, and runs late to a wedding!

Elisabeth has been nominated for the Lead Actor (Female) Award at Blackbird Film Festival, in the dramatic short En Route; the film screened at Adirondack Film Festival, in a block alongside shorts starring Richard Masur and Leslie Bibb.

Elisabeth’s all over Netflix — she appears in Marvel’s Daredevil Ep. 302, and shot a scene opposite Kelsey Grammer in Netflix's film Like Father!

Elisabeth’s comedy series Redheads Anonymous has taken the world by storm, and she won 'Best Sitcom Actress' at the Rome Web Awards!  See a sampling of the awards, reviews, and interviews on the press page!


Elisabeth ness is an actor, singer, and creative entrepreneur.

Striving to make a positive impact on the world through entertainment onstage, onscreen, and in voice-over, the Yale alumna created the award-winning hit web series Redheads Anonymous, and also co-founded Good Porpoise Productions, LLC, which makes mini-documentaries for non-profits. Her acting work has been called "especially funny"  (NY Times), "razor-sharp" (Washington Post), and "hilarious" (Times Herald-Record, Catskill Chronicle, and her mom).    

As a performer, Elisabeth has appeared at venues as varied as Atlantic Theater, Williamstown Theatre Festival, Lincoln Center, Ars Nova, and Signature Theatre; onscreen in CBS’s new show Bull, at Tribeca, Cannes Select, and in national commercials; and as a voice for Rockstar Games, YMCA, Trojan, and Bud Light.  Her singing can be heard on the award-nominated Broadway Records original studio cast album of Like You Like It.  

When not performing, producing, or causing redheaded mischief, Elisabeth runs a monthly 'salon' for women entrepreneurs in the entertainment industry, edits performer demos, dances, plays piano, writes song parodies, and conducts a ninety-person choir.  

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On-Camera : Video Gallery

Recent Highlights:

  • Netflix film 'Like Father' - playing Rose, with a scene opposite Kelsey Grammer

  • CBS's 'Bull' - five-day co-star role of Sara, the mischievous juror with a secret

  • Marvel’s ‘Daredevil’ - co-star role on Netflix Ep. 302





'Songs Kids Love To Sing'

Soloist for 19 tracks on the children’s CD

Recorded & Produced by Derek Wille at Art of Music Studios

Songs by Ruth Chornock


 Voice-Over Demos


Spots that show off quirky, peppy, laid-back, enthusiastic, sassy, and sensual voices.


Clips from a corporate video, documentary narration, educational series, and website training demonstration.


Characters ranging from valley girl to child; princess to wicked witch; tech geek to superhero... and a monkey.


“Bud Light Living: Girl’s Night”


Redheads Anonymous : Molly

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“There’s no doubt that Elisabeth and her red-headed cast members are soon to be anything but anonymous.”   Breakdown Services

“The likeable cast keep[s] the giggles coming.” – VODzilla

Redheads Anonymous is a terrific example of what makes a good web show....It’s well-written, directed, and acted...They’ve created characters that are goofy and a bit off, but at the same time likeable and relatable.”  WebVee Guide

Articles and interviews with Elisabeth include: TubefilterHuffington PostRavishlyGirlTalk HQNew Media RockstarsLegally RedheadIndie Series NetworkProductionHubGinger ParrotBroadwayWorldFLiP Magazine, and USA TODAY recommended it on its “Web to Watch”.

  • Best Actress in a Sitcom - Rome Web Awards - Winner

  • Best Actress - Miami Web Fest (Florida, US) - Nom.

  • Raindance Discovery Award - Raindance Web Fest (London, UK) - Nom.

  • Favorite Actress of the Week - Indie Series Network - Winner

The Foreigner : Catherine

"...Engrossingly portrayed by Elisabeth Ness…" Meet Me In The Greenroom  

"...sassy wife Catherine (tough but tender Elisabeth Ness)…" Times Herald-Record  

"Elisabeth Ness is excellent as the spoiled and petulant Catherine." Sullivan County Democrat  

"The lovely, determined Elisabeth Ness... is delightful." Aisle Seat

Noises Off : Brooke

Noises Off-03872-cropped3.jpg

"Each character is so perfectly realized that in combination they embody nothing less than pure comedy gold. ...Elisabeth Ness hits all the right notes." – Shawangunk Journal  

"Perfectly cast players!"  – Aisle Seat  

"Perfect comedic timing!"  – Sullivan County Democrat


Molly Shannon's Tilly the Trickster (Atlantic Theater) : Mom/Mooney

"...a melodramatic, hand-wringing number for Tilly's parents (Elisabeth Ness and Robbie Rescigno) is especially funny!" – The New York Times

An article about the show on BroadwayWorld quoted her!



Farragut North : Molly Pearson

Every actor is razor sharp...Elisabeth Ness is appealingly frank and vulnerable in the role [of Molly].”  The Washington Post

“[The cast] turns in a uniformly top-notch performance...Elisabeth Ness adds a delicious element of scandal... Willowy and youthful, [she] marvelously...plays it to the hilt, somehow pouring bouncy innocence and sexual predation into the blender to create a power crazed faux-innocent post-feminist that might make even Gloria Steinem blush.”  DC Theatre Scene

Played brilliantly by Elisabeth Ness, Molly truly makes this play work. She is the moral compass among a group of political hacks that have few morals.” – Baltimore Out Loud  

The Gazette featured an article about the show on the front of its Arts & Entertainment section, complete with quotes from cast members.

The show was Helen Hayes Award Recommended.

Red Herring : Lynn McCarthy

“Ness plays the flighty, giggly Lynn McCarthy to perfection. While all the scenes are hilarious, a stand-out occurs when Sebastian and Ness speak on a phone, which, because they are in different countries, has a multi-second delay.  The fact that they pull off this scene with ease speaks volumes for their talent and Burke’s direction.”  The Catskill Chronicle

“In a show of funny episodes, Ness is hilarious...”  – Times Herald-Record

The Times Herald-Record named Shadowland Theatre’s production of Red Herring the “Best Comedic Play of the Year” 

Like You Like It : Lynn, the Neckbrace Girl


“For an instructive glimpse on how to make the most of something, keep an eye on Elisabeth Ness, who plays the hell out of... ‘Neckbrace Girl.’”  Theater Talk’s New Theater Corps

“Grab your Metrocards, because this season's best new musical isn't on the Great White Way — it's in Brooklyn.  [H]alf the fun of the show comes from watching so many talented performers enjoying themselves.” Backstage 

“‘Like You Like It’ was a delight, [bringing] to life the Bard by way of the ‘80s of John Hughes’ films.... Notable characters include Neckbrace Girl (Elisabeth Ness), clearly lifted from Joan Cusack’s character in ‘Sixteen Candles.’”  Edge

“As a developing piece of theatre with a cast of talented young actors, you might even find one day that you can tell all your friends about the time you saw that big Broadway show or that super-star on the cover of a magazine at this little theatre in Brooklyn way-back-when."  – Newark Examiner

NY Innovative Theater Award for Outstanding Production of a Musical.

You’re a Good Man, Charlie Brown : Lucy Van Pelt

“Possibly the most stunning in her complete embodiment of her role is Elisabeth Ness as Lucy. Ms. Ness in her simple, straight-forward involvement with the character is never more than Lucy and never less than completely real. She is beautifully balanced by Karen O’Connell as Sally Brown; in fact, the girls pretty much dominate the show, traveling in their own spheres, messing with the boys, and never getting in each other’s way.”  Star Exponent

The House of Blue Leaves : Corrinna Stroller

Potomac Stages named Elisabeth one of the “standout performances” and “a delight.”  

The Arlington Connection called her “very good and very funny.”

The Washington Post review lauded the “skilled cast” with “finely-tuned timing that makes the most of the zaniness.”

Click here to see the photo in The Washington Post, with Elisabeth in the center.  

Go, Diego, Go, Live! (Nickelodeon Nat'l Tour) : Bobo Monkey

‘I liked the Bobos best,’ said Scotty Lynch, 6, of Gray, referring to the mischievous monkeys who were the comic foils of the show.”  Portland Press Herald

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