Elisabeth filmed the role of Rose in the Netflix film Like Father... with a scene opposite legendary actor Kelsey Grammer!

Her two-hander dramatic short En Route screened at the Big Apple Film Festival (Nov. 4) and New York Short Film Festival (Nov. 8)!

Elisabeth has just joined Actors' Equity, thanks to her great summer at Shadowland Stages! Reviewers called The Foreigner's Catherine "engrossingly portrayed," and said of her performance in Noises Off, "Elisabeth Ness hits all the right notes."

Check out Elisabeth's film demo, which includes clips from her five-day co-star role on CBS's hit show BULL!

Elisabeth’s web comedy Redheads Anonymous has taken the world by storm, and she won 'Best Sitcom Actress' at the Rome Web Awards!  See a sampling of the awards, reviews, and interviews on the press page!